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Vieux Farka Tourévendredi 12 septembre 2014Maliba & Ailleurs


Concert de Vieux Farka Toure le vendredi 12 septembre à Washington DC

"..it reaches a height of intense beauty that the rest only hints at. This is highlighted by a pair of guitar/kora duets with Diabáte that sound as though they’ve existed for a million years and we’re just now having the privilege of hearing.”Pitchfork Magazine on Mon Pays 

 “The son of the late Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré inherited his dad’s dazzlingly fluid phrasing but clearly also digs the fiery African blues rock of bands like Tinariwen. Here, he joins American peers for a crossover set that slays.” Rolling Stone on The Secret

  “Set to be Africa’s next guitar hero. ” The Guardian

Now known as The Hendrix of the Sahara, Vieux Farka Touré first began to learn the guitar in 2001, in secret and against his father’s wishes. Since then, his skill and dexterity has amazed and moved live audiences worldwide.  Ali Farka Touré, a groundbreaking and famous Malian guitarist, came from a historical tribe of soldiers, and had himself defied his parents in becoming a musician though he had hoped his son would continue in the tribal tradition. Vieux won his approval and time and was able to collaborate with his father just before he passed away in 2005.

In 2013, Vieux Farka Touré’s beautiful and critically acclaimed latest album Mon Pays was released as an homage to his homeland. The album celebrates the traditional sounds of Mali – and is a conscious response to the political crises and internal wars that have splintered the nation.  On this album, Touré continues an intergenerational collaboration by playing with Sidiki Diabáte, kora player and son of Tounamni Diabáte – who had played with Vieux’s father.

Mon Pays has been widely hailed as the most mature and lovely record yet from one of this generation’s most exciting artists to come out of Mali and one of world music’s true rising stars. With each new project, Vieux expands his horizons, embraces new challenges and further entrenches his reputation as one of the world’s most talented and innovative musicians.

Special Guest: Elikeh

The D.C.based Elikeh is an Afro-pop band that specializes in the catchy melodies and infectious rhythms of West African popular music. Elikeh uses elements of Togolese rhythms as a foundation for exploration into American-influenced blues, funk and rock.

FRI SEP 12 8 PM Ballroom $18 Lounge Level $25


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